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Christina Lindqvist



FREJ LINDQVIST, actor, director and dramatist, born in Finland but grown up in Sweden, later on working in both countries.

Theatre School in Helsinki 1958-1960, later on working as an actor on Swedish-speaking theatres in Finland, after that back in Sweden for a many-sided career in theatre, film, TV, not to mention the radio.

Having parted his time between private theatres and the Ensemble of Swedish Television he made his debut as a playwright in the town of Västerås with a play about the Swedish-Russian War 1808-1809 called ”Backwards, soldier”. 1972 he started to work with The Municipal Theatre in Stockholm playing Shakespeare, Molière and modern Swedish dramatists and ended his career on this theatre by playing Salieri in Shaffer’s Amadeus which awarded him the Thalia-prize in 1982.

Between 2000-2008 he has been working a lot as a director on the Municipal Theatre in Helsinki (Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri) where he has staged plays by Feydeau and his own play ”Armfelt” in 2001-2002. Frej Lindqvist is also doing Audio-books for Bonnier Audio in Stockholm and has written two books about theatre and acting, ”Den dubbla rollen” (The Double Role) and ”Det magiska ögonblicket” (The Magic Moment).

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